Welcome to the world of Zeze Zebra

What is Zeze Zebra?

Zeze Zebra is CGI show aimed at 2-4 year olds. The episodes feature a young and energetic little zebra Zeze who loves to put on a show together with her friends – a hippo, flamingo, sheep, rhino and Grandpa; Zeze’s grandfather.

Zeze Zebra Nursery Rhymes explores well-loved children’s classics led by the lovable Zeze Zebra and her colourful fun friends, with an individual and engaging narrative behind every episode combining education and activity elements.

Our Concept

The classic nursery rhymes are each underpinned by a narrative story arc and this charming approach will engage children for repeated viewings and most importantly the sensational musical arrangements, even with repeat plays and on high rotation, will ensure parents and carers don’t go crazy!

The series is set in a vivid primary colour world and whilst the tactile aesthetic of each episode is unique, the 5 main characters – Zeze, Rhianna, Hip-po, Fernando, Shish and Grandpa – provide a constant throughout. The lead role in each episode is evenly shared amongst the main characters.

Where to watch Zeze

BT TV Kids

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At Hopster entertainment and education go hand in hand. Our content helps develop little ones’ literacy, numeracy and encourage exploring the world around them.

Meet the characters

Zeze and her friends are humble, innocent and have a great sense of fun and humour, all the while observing important moral values – sharing, caring, loving, equality and peace.













Meet the extras

Zeze and her friends are meet a wide range of characters on their adventures, here are just a few.



Here are a handful of stills from some episodes of Zeze Zebra; click on a thumbnail for a closer look.

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