The Balloon That Went On Holiday

Ever wondered what happens to all the balloons that fly away?

The Balloon that went on a holiday tells the story of a little orange balloon that needed a little break from the cold, grey, busy city and decided it was time to have the holiday of a life time. When a strong gust of wind arrives he leaves his little friend behind.

After having a great time, the balloon starts missing his friend and asks to go back home. His long eared host promises to reunite him with his young friend, but just before they leave, he has one last fun activity on his holiday.

The balloon is off
Flying with swallows
Sleeping on a cloud
Easter island welcome
Relaxing on the beach
Dancing at the disco
Swimming in the sea
Eating chocolate
Painting patterns
In the basket
Long eared friend
Reunited at home


    • Project

    • The Balloon That Went On Holiday

    • Animation Director

    • Asa Movshovitz

    • Illustrations

    • Ilian Velikov

    • Written By

    • Asa Movshovitz & Iain Lauchlan

    • Animation

    • Tomek Tragarz & Joaquin Martinez

    • Pipeline and TD

    • Ben Purkis & Anders Purkis

    • Modelling

    • Jose Canizares

    • Compositing

    • Rimante Navalinskaite

    • Narration

    • Harold Shiel

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