Dead Pixels 2

Series 2 animation of the hit E4 comedy

The hit comedy returns for a second series, with the arrival of a new instalment of Kingdom Scrolls for our gaming fanatics.

Eight long months have passed and the expansion pack is finally out... but the excitement and hype in the build up soon comes crashing down; though while Meg and Nicky's initial bereavement the game they love has transitioned into something more suited to the younger Fortnite crowd – with added microtransactions and lore-departing character designs – they soon manage to turn it to their advantage – largely so Nicky can find a way of funding his new loot crate addiction and Meg can avoid the alternative: venturing outside and talking to people.

Red Panda Boss
Old Tanadaal
Greta camping
Nicky bow arm
Daisy Chainsaw
Monkey Pet
Usman taking notes
Nicky avatar concept
Forest fire elemental concept
Crab people concept
Usman avatar concept
Lion disciple concept


    • Project

    • Dead Pixels Series 2

    • Animation Director

    • Asa Movshovitz

    • Animation Producer

    • Matthew Freeman

    • Head of Technology/CTO

    • Ben Purkis

    • Concept

    • Rajan Zelalem

      Laura McMonies

      Jack Stubbs

    • Animators

    • Tomek Tragarz

      Shu Yang

      Robert Schindler

      Patrick Høiseth

      Paul Stone

    • Modelling

    • Jose Canizares

      Morgane Perrin

      Heather Astbury

    • Rigging/TD

    • Anders Purkis

      Georgi Urumov

      Samuel Chiu

    • Lighting

    • Jamie Macleod

      Michael Harrington

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