MarcoPolo World School

Let the world be their classroom with MarcoPolo World School!

MarcoPolo World School is a PhD-designed early learning school for children aged 3-7, offering a comprehensive STEAM curriculum with 1000s of learning activities. Launched in January 2018 it offers a wide-ranging curriculum with lessons and interactive learning activities added every week.

Elk relaxing
Car versus hare
Octopus with coconut hat
Shark visits the dentist
Arctic tern migrates
Raccoon doing the dishes


    • Project

    • MarcoPolo World School

    • Animation Director

    • Asa Movshovitz

    • Producer

    • Matthew Freeman

    • 2D Animation

    • Robert Schindler

      Chiara Moreni

      Sean English

      Maja Fjallstrom

    • Editing & Graphics Supervisor

    • Rimante Navalinskaite

    • Pipeline

    • Ben Purkis

    • Storyboard

    • Rajan Zelalem

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