Sky Ocean Rescue

Dive In & Do It - Save our oceans

Dive In & Do It is a brand new Sky Kid’s series, for 6-10 year olds and is part of their commitment to inspire young people to make simple everyday changes to stop our ocean from drowning in plastic. By delving into the issues of single-use plastic and other issues facing our oceans, children will be able to learn about what it means to be single-use plastic free.

Each 5 minute episode is presented by Paddy, Ynez and Reis, and their turtle friend Logey. The team learn about plastic pollution and find out what small steps we can all make to reduce single-use plastics and care for our oceans! With each episode comes a clever life-hack and introduces plastic free alternatives.

Dive in and do it
Testing eco-straws
Logey the loggerhead turtle
Logey in the city
Mountain climber
Plasticus the plastic whale
Rice bowls
Single use plastics


    • Project

    • Sky Ocean Rescue - Dive In & Do It

    • Animation Director

    • Asa Movshovitz

    • Design

    • Ilian Velikov

      Krasmir Koev

    • 3D Modelling

    • Jose Cañizares

      Jamie MacLeod

    • 3D Animation

    • Tomek Tragarz

      Shu Yang

      Danny Wright

      Daniel Zavaleta

    • 2D Animation

    • Robert Schindler

      Chiara Moreni

      Sean English

      Maja Fjallstrom

    • Graphics

    • Rimante Navalinskaite

    • Pipeline

    • Ben Purkis

      Anders Purkis

      Jamie MacLeod

    • Editing & Compositing

    • Asa Movshovitz

      Rimante Navalinskaite

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